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Moscow Conversational English Club

Welcome to the Moscow Conversational English Club

Speak English in Moscow
A conversation club is a great opportunity to learn English.

Here we learn to speak and listen. We learn to communicate and get to know each other. We learn to talk and have discussions in English.

And more importantly, we learn to think and think in English.

Learn English language in Moscow

English language as any other language — it’s not just a tool to exchange information. More important, English language is a tool to exchange emotions and gestures, smiles and views, negative and positive.
Possibly, you already opened a book tutorial in English language and learned rules of writing and pronunciation of some words and sentences.
Try to listen. Come to listen how to speak. Let your ears listen more English words. And talk with us.
In the Moscow Conversational English Club you can find an interlocutor or a friend in your level of speaking and knowledge of the English language.
It’s not just a school to learn English language. It’s an environment of communication, an environment of speeches, an environment of share emotions and gestures, experience and vision.
In the Moscow Conversational English Club expect to meet people who is like you want to talk, communicate and practice English language.
See you in the Club.